When Your Man Is Literally Lookin’ Like a Snack: Katherine Knight’s Dinner Plans

If you aren’t into cannibalism and don’t have the stomach for graphic content – don’t even bother with this one… it’s just straight up fuckin’ nasty.

If you chose to continue – welcome back to Murder Monday ya’ll, I’ve got a real treat for you this week.

Meet Katherine Knight.


Born on October 24, 1955 in Australia, Katherine Knight became a new part of an already dysfunctional family, setting her up for a life of trauma and rebellion. She was one of seven children who witnessed their parents’ tumultuous relationship on a daily basis. According to Knight and her siblings, their father was an angry alcoholic who used intimidation and force to rape their mother up to ten times a day. This then led to their mother talking to them as young children about how much she hated sex, but encouraged her daughters to “put up with it.” Katherine Knight claims she was sexually assaulted regularly by members of her family, but not by her father. Other family members backed these statements of abuse.

Knight led a troubled life, full of fights and toxic relationships. She was a known hard-ass, a real boss bitch. In 1973, she met her first husband, David Kellet, and according to all who knew them, she wore the pants in this relationship. When the two married in 1974, the couple arrived belligerently intoxicated on her motorcycle, with her driving, and him on the back (savage af / honestly a dream wedding in my opinion). As soon as they pulled up, Knight’s mother, Barb, had some advice for the groom to be.

“You better watch this one or she’ll fuckin’ kill you. You stir her up the wrong way or do the wrong thing and you’re fucked – don’t ever think of playing up on her, she’ll fuckin’ kill you.”

On the night of their wedding, she tried to strangle her new husband when he fell asleep after they “only had sex three times” (yooooo this bitch is wild). Shortly after this event, her husband was hospitalized after she hit him in the back of the head with a frying pan – eventually he left her for another woman. After Kellet left, Knight went off the rails. She was placed in a mental health facility and diagnosed with postnatal depression after she was caught rattling her baby’s carriage vigorously while walking down a neighborhood street. After her release, she took her two month old baby to the railroad tracks and left her there (luckily she was saved before the train came). She then stole an axe, went into town, and threatened to kill several people.

In 1986, Knight met her second husband, David Saunders. He moved in with her and her two daughters (who she SOMEHOW still had custody of) but this relationship wouldn’t last long. Knight continued to fall off track and her mental health was a constant downward spiral. She decorated their home with animal skulls, skins and bones, every inch of the house. Even the ceiling was covered. She slit the throat of David Saunders two month old puppy in front of him to “show him what would happen if he left.” He eventually left her after she hit him in the head with an iron and stabbed him in the stomach with a pair of scissors.

I’m literally picking up my own jaw while typing this, Jesus CHRIST, lady.

She met her third husband, John Chillingworth in 1990 – they had one child, a son, and then she left him three years later for John Charles Price.

John Price and Katherine Knight moved in together in 1995 regardless of her well-known violent history. Her children loved him, and he was making a lot of money at the time. In 1998, they had a fight over Price refusing to marry her (fourth times a charm, right?) and Knight decided to send a makeshift video of stolen items from his work place to his boss, which led to him to being fired from his job of 17 years. His friends refused to have anything to do with him as long as he stayed with her – he had lost everything to this woman.

February, 2000

After a series of assaults leading up to Knight stabbing Price in the chest, he finally kicked her out of the house. On February 29th, he took out a restraining order in attempt to keep her away from him and his children.

That afternoon, Price told coworkers that if he did not show up for work, it would be because Knight had probably killed him.

He returned to their home that night out of fear that she may hurt his children – but she had sent them all to a friend’s house for a sleepover. He tried to get some rest, but Knight arrived in the middle of the night, and woke him up by seducing him. He found video tapes from that day of Knight prancing around in lingerie in front of their children – similar to how her mother had acted towards her as a child.

February 30, 2000

The next morning, neighbors became concerned that his car had never left for work and called the local authorities. When the police arrived, they busted down the back door and found a deceased Price, and an overdosed/comatose Katherine Knight.

According to blood evidence and the autopsy of John Price, police drew the following conclusions. They are gruesome, you have been warned.


Katherine Knight stabbed John Price with a butcher’s knife while he was fast asleep. Blood evidence showed that he woke up and tried to escape during the attack. He managed to get out of the front door, but it looked as though Knight dragged him back inside. He bled out, and died in the hallway. Knight then went and withdrew $1,000 from Price’s bank account. A few hours later, she went back to his body to play out her final act.

Knight skinned him like an animal, and hung his skin from a meat hook on the door in the living room. She then decapitated him and cooked up various parts of his body, while saving the head for herself. She served up Price’s remains with potatoes, beets, zuchinni, pumpkin, yellow squash, and gravy. She had attempted to turn her boyfriend into a stew…


She then “set the table”, with a name tag by each plate, and prepared to feed Price to his own children for dinner. Price’s head was found on the stove in a pot of vegetables. When Knight awoke, she claimed to have no recollection of this crime (yeah fucking right, lady). She left a blood-stained note on the remains of his skinless, butchered body. The note read as follows:

“Time for you back Johathon for rapping my douter. You to Beck for Ross for Little John. Now play with little Johns dick John Price.”

…… wait, what?

March 2001

Knight declined an initial offer to plead guilty to manslaughter and she was arraigned in March of 2001. Her defense team defended her by claiming she had amnesia and dissociative issues. Two psychiatrists said she suffered from borderline personality disorder. She refused to take responsibility for her actions. She was the first woman to receive life in prison in Australian history. She is serving her life sentence in Silverwater Women’s Corrrectional Facility in West Syndey where her fellow inmates fear her and refer to her as “Nana.” She is the Queen Bee of the joint, she can’t even have a cell mate because she claims to be unable to control her urges to kill. She has no family in contact, and has not been seen using the prison telephones. She is also the event coordinator at the jail (what the fuck kind of events this lady plans, I don’t even want to know.)

Uh, yeah, so anyways, thanks for tuning in for Murder Monday – have a safe holiday and try not to think about the fact that your creepy neighbor could be grilling their husband and feeding them to you at the pool party.

Cya next week, maybe. 

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