Don’t Swipe Right and Ghost… Your Rejected Date May Want to Bathe in Your Blood

31-year-old Arizona woman Jacqueline Ades met a man online as a lot of single folks do now-a-days.

They went on one date and she could not get her date victim out of her mind. Since meeting him, she has sent him 65,000 texts messages.

That’s right, you read that correctly: 65,000 texts messages! Court documents show that Ades was averaging approximately 500 text messages a day to the love of her life.

Let’s further break that down just for fun. There’s 24 hours in a day. Let’s PRETEND she was actually getting 8 hours of rest and dreaming sweet dreams of her hopeful future hubby. That leaves 16 hours in her day which means she was averaging 31 texts per hour or a text every 2 minutes.

WOW, HOMEGIRL was slipping and sliding all over his DMS!

It makes you wonder what she could possibly be saying to him! Any good one-liners you can take to your Bumble or Tinder account? That’s a big NOPE!

Here’s some examples of the messages she sent:

“I want to wear your bodyparts & bathe in your blood”


“Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t want to be a murderer…”

Maybe you’re wondering how the hell did the texting escalate from flirting to this. Well, here’s a little timeline:

July 2017: She parked outside of the man’s Paradise Valley, Az home after he stated he had already let her down. After he asked her to leave and she refused, he called the police. She was still outside when officers arrived and they told her to leave.

December 2017: This happened again but this time, she was gone by the time the police arrived. The victim stated that he started receiving threatening text messages from her.

April 8 2018: The victim called the police a third time. He stated that he was out of the country but caught her on his home security and surveillance system.

Where was she when she was finally arrested? Oh you know, police found her casually relaxing in his BATHTUB! Officers say they also found a butcher knife in her car on the passenger seat.

She was taken into custody and charged with trespassing. After being released from jail she allegedly picked up where she left off with texting threatening messages to him.

May 4 2018: Police were called to a local Scottsdale, AZ business by a passerby. The caller stated “a woman was acting irrationally and claiming to be the owner’s wife.” The owner was none other than the man she had been harassing since the first date.

As of Tuesday May 8, 2018, she has been charged with threatening, stalking, and harassment. She is currently in jail with no bond.

When questioned by by police, Ades explained that she sent the man text messages all day but he never responded. She stated she understands her texts were “crazy” but she didn’t want him to leave her because she loved him.

She also stated that she plans to move to Florida once she’s released… so be careful who you ghost out there, Florida singles!

(Sources: KTLA & ABC7)

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