Yoga Pants Have Caused Us Nothing But Problems: The Lululemon Murder


1. a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

For the first female murderer featured on Murder Monday, I decided to go all out. This case is not for the faint of heart – you have been fair warned.

Meet Brittany Norwood
Brittany Norwood, is a fucking sociopath.

I usually spend some time looking into the childhood and pre-crime lifestyles that these murderers lived, but in this case I’m going to skip straight to the good stuff. (Well, actually the really awful stuff.) I would also like to focus on the victim/crime a little more than the murderer in this case. I first heard of this case on True Crime Garage and fell into a deep deep Google spiral afterwards because this case really got under my skin. Maybe I found it extra fascinating that a woman could do such a horrendous thing to another woman? Maybe I sympathize because she’s a woman? I don’t know, I’m not a feminist by any means and I usually have a lot of trouble relating emotionally with women – maybe with people in general, which definitely also makes me a sociopath.. but whatever. Anyways, this broad was out of her damn mind. I’m just here, as always, to remind you that the world is a terrible horrifying place full of murderous sociopaths just waiting to fuck your day up.

Jayna Murray
November 22, 1980 – March 11, 2011

The body Jayna Murray was found inside of a Lululemon Athletica store in Bethesda, Maryland. She had been bludgeoned, choked, allegedly sexually assaulted, and stabbed 331 times with six different weapons including a hammer, wrench, rope, knife and metal bars used to hold mannequins and merchandise.

That’s right, three HUNDRED and thirty one fucking times.


Needless to say, Jayna Murray was D.O.A – but there was another “victim” in this heinous attack that survived. Guess who?
Brittany fucking Norwood.

The morning of March 12, 2011

Manager Rachel Oertli arrived at the Bethesda Lululemon Athletica to open up shop and found the bloody bodies of Jayne Murray and Brittany Norwood. Jayna was clearly dead, and Brittany Norwood was tied up in the back of the store. Oertli said she heard Norwood moaning before she found her. When police arrived on scene, one of the officers noted it seemed odd how Norwood so quickly awoke when she was initially approached. For example, you find someone who has been knocked unconscious, or has hit their head – it would either take medical attention or a maybe a little shake to wake them, right? Or maybe even when they did wake up, they would appear groggy, heavy eyed, ect. The officer noted that Norwood opened her eyes like she had been waking up startled from a nap. She quickly began telling her story.


“I just was not prepared to see what I saw.”
– A responding officer on scene


Norwood claimed that the night before when she was closing shop, her and Jayne left something inside and had to re-enter the store after they had closed to retrieve it. Upon re-entry two masked men followed them into the store – they stabbed, attacked, and sexually assaulted both of them… allegedly. Now, the word of Brittany Norwood as the lone surviving victim of this “attack” was taken very seriously, seeing as the police had to treat her like any other “sexual assault” victim. But investigators just couldn’t line up her story with the evidence at the crime scene.


Brittany Norwood was found with her hands tied – but they were tied in front of her, a position that one could very easily put themselves in. Why weren’t her hands tied behind her back?


Norwood’s wounds were superficial and the number of them was less than a quarter of the number that Jayne had. Why were the injuries so inconsistent? Norwood said there were two men equally involved in the attacks. Why were there only bloody sneaker tracks from one pair of shoes if their were two attackers running around the bloody crime scene?

Questions, we got em’


She claimed they had already killed Jayna, before continuing to sexually assault her with a clothes hanger. Although Norwood’s pants were ripped at the crotch, there was no actual evidence of sexual assault other than her word. She did have small superficial wounds to her arms, face, torso, and extremities, and one especially suspicious wound on her right hand.

So, seeing as none of Norwood’s story lined up with the evidence, and evidence was all they had. Investigators began to dig deep, and trace the lines of the concrete hard evidence they had sprawled out for them on the floor of Lululemon.


March 12, 2012
The day after the murder

Detective Deana Mackie of the Montgomery County Police Department met with Norwood at Suburban Hospital at 10:25 a.m. on March 12, 2011 for approximately forty-five to fifty minutes. Mackie then returned to the Lululemon store for further investigation, and met with Norwood again later that afternoon. Norwood fully cooperated.

March 14, 2011

Detectives set up an investigative interview with the “victim” Brittany Norwood. In this interview, Norwood went into detail about her assault. She claimed that the attackers didn’t kill her, and only assaulted her, because she was “fun to fuck” – the masked men also called her a “dirty slut”, used various racial slurs during her attack, and even pushed her onto the dead body of Jayne Murray. Norwood became emotional while describing her assault. She also claimed that the attackers had looked at her ID and that they knew her address, and detectives encouraged her to inform her family of this. Her family stated that they were “very, very concerned” – the detectives involved in this interview documented that they still viewed Norwood as a victim at this time.

March 16, 2011

Detectives met with Norwood for a third time at the request of Detective Drewry, who had already been leaning towards Norwood as a suspect. He asked her to come into the police station for elimination fingerprints and hair samples, and she agreed. She spoke informally with Detective Drewry while this evidence was being processed, and then on the record again about any further details of her attack. In this interview she claimed to not remember what type of car Jayne Murray drove.

Later that night, detectives caught a break when Norwood’s siblings called them to inform them that they believed Brittany had been withholding information from them about her attack.

Ha, sucker got narc’d by her own siblings.

March 18, 2011

“Alright, I’m here because….”

On the 18th, Norwood showed up with her siblings at the station and another interview was filmed. I’m this interview, unprompted, Norwood said “Alright, I’m here because…” and continued to tell the police that prior to her sexual assault, the attackers forced her to go and move Jayne Murray’s car. (Which might explain the blood evidence inside of it) The police pushed her for more information on the vehicle and asked her why she wouldn’t have just tried to drive away if she had access to it and was alone in the vehicle while the attackers waited. Norwood said she was scared, that the police already knew this, and sassed officers by saying “haven’t we already been over this?”

Later that day, Detective Drewry unformed Norwood that he did not believe her story. He brought her siblings into the room to inform her that they had tipped him off about her withholding information about the vehicle. Ultimately, Brittany Norwood was arrested that night.


Following an eight-day trial in late October and early November of 2011, the charges submitted to the jury were first-degree premeditated murder and second-degree specific intent to kill murder. The jury found Norwood guilty of first-degree murder. On January 27, 2012, the court sentenced Norwood to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. A timely appeal followed.

So – what had happened WAS

“We got the bitch”

In the weeks prior to the murder, fellow employees at the Bethesda Lululemon store had been suspicious of Brittany Norwood stealing cash and expensive perfumes from the store and from their personal belongings. According to the store manager Rachel, on the night of the attack Brittany Norwood contacted Jayna Murray saying that she had left her phone in the store and needed her key to retrieve it. The two employees met at the store, and something went wrong almost immediately. Upon meeting, Jayna Murray who had already been suspicious of her coworkers shop lifting habits realized a pair of yoga pants from the store in Norwood’s bag. She asked Norwood if she had purchased the pants or had evidence of a receipt, they headed towards the computer to try to look up the pants to prove whether they had been stolen or not. At this point, Norwood was in a panic. Jayne Murray called her manager and stated “We got the bitch” (thinking she was about to bust Norwood for stealing a pair of 100$ yoga pants) – but the tables were turned.

Norwood attacked Jayna Murray with up to six different objects, puncturing her over 330 times. During the attack, employees at the Apple store next door reported hearing two girls arguing. Norwood put on a pair of men’s size 14 Reebok tennis shoes, tracked Murray’s blood around the store, and then proceeded to destroy the store and inflict further damage to Murray’s corpse. It was proven that Jayna Murray was alive for almost the entirety of her attack, and eventually her death was hastened by a stab wound to the back of her skull as she laid face down in a pile of her own blood. After finishing the job, Norwood caused about 30 small self inflicted wounds to herself – including shoving a clothes hanger up her own vagina to make it look like she had be forcefully sexually assaulted. She then moved Jayna Murray’s car, returned inside, zip tied her own hands, and laid down for a nap while she waited to be discovered.

She is such a pathological liar that I’m not even going to get into the lengthy appeal that followed her crime – her lies are so hard to keep up with, and she is just flat out annoying.

She got what she deserved. A lifetime in prison, with no parole.


I found this case extra sickening just knowing that someone could go to the extremes of faking an assault such as this. How in the hell could someone go so far as to stab someone over 300 times, create a scene with the blood, stab them selves in the crotch, and then be collected enough to think through a plan and lay down for a god damn nap.

People are insane.

Anyways, have fun eating lunch after peeping those crime scene photos. Have a nice rest of your week, and don’t forget – the world is full of murderous sociopaths just waiting to stab you 300+ times with every day objects used as weapons so they can take a nap in a pile of your blood just to get away with stealing a pair of yoga pants so they can be on fleek in their next hot yoga class.

Cya next Monday!

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