Modern-Day Norman Bates Arrested with Severed Head in Suitcase

All you ladies out there seeking love online can breathe a little easier as a modern-day Norman Bates was recently arrested in Japan. He was discovered to be traveling with the severed head of a woman he met on an online dating site in his suitcase when he was apprehended.


26-year-old Yevgenity Vasilievich Bayraktar was arrested on February 22nd while traveling in Japan from Long Island, though he is originally from Odessa, Russia. He had been traveling in the country since January. His arrest was based on the suspicion that he had murdered 27-year-old Saki Kondo, who was reported missing by her family on February 16th.

Authorities report that on February 15th, the day before Kondo was reported missing, she went on a date with Bayraktar. The two had met on an online dating site. Bayraktar took his date to a vacation home he was renting in Osaka. It is said that this is where he dismembered the woman between February 16th and 18th before attempting to leave to go to another rental apartment. It was at this time that he was apprehended by authorities, who discovered Kondo’s severed head in Bayraktar’s luggage.

As if this case isn’t interesting enough as is, there has been a lot of discussion since Bayraktar’s arrest regarding the strangely close relationship he has with his mother. Before leaving to travel in Japan, he was living with her and her third husband in Long Island.


Benny Dacy, 69, is Bayraktar’s former stepfather. Dacy reports that he made many attempts to bond with his bride’s son, but Bayraktar kept mostly to himself but was very close with his mother. “He was a momma’s boy. If we were having dinner and he didn’t like the food, his mother would get up in the middle of the meal to cook him something special, and this was at a time when we didn’t have a lot of money.”

Anyone who is familiar with Alfred Hitchcock’s infamous character from his notorious film Psycho will notice that there are undeniable similarities between Norman Bates and Bayraktar. I am interested to see what other information will come to light in this case. But for now, it looks safe to take a shower again. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for online dating. Use your heads out there, people, or you might lose them.

Featured image courtesy of Fox News.

Sources: New York Post and Fox News.

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