Elon Musk’s Rocket Turns Unsuspecting Angelenos Into An Alien Frenzy

Tonight at around 5:30PM I stepped outside for a moment in my Encino backyard. Winter Solstice has officially come and gone, so it was a cold night for LA and it was already dark.

I happened to look up and beside the moon, I see what looks like a hole in the sky. From that hole a strong light peered through and projected across the dark sky. ( “Have you ever seen a portal?” )

First thing I do? Well, it’s 2017 – I grab my phone from my pocket and take a picture. This looks pretty cool.

From the photo it may look like a cloud. But no, in person this looked like a hole or rip that almost allowed us to view another sky beyond our sky. I move further into the backyard to get even more of a view…

I’m really wondering what was going on at this point. It wasn’t a normal cloud, there’s a light, so what the hell am I looking at?

“North Korea? A rip in the space time continuum? WHAT.IS.HAPPENING?!”

I run out front to see if I can get a less obstructed view. I take another shot:

See those two dots above and on either side of the Moon? They were moving! At one point it looked like they were shining a light into that ‘rip’ in the sky. Then you would see different dots floating around. “Okay, that’s it! Totally aliens!”

Do you follow Tom Delonge‘s alien endeavors? How about that recent article from CNN quoting former Pentagon UFO official, Luis Elizondo, ‘We may not be alone’.

I take to the internet! Elon Musk takes the opportunity to pull a tongue-in-cheek 2017 Orson Wells-esque move here…

Elon Musk tweets “Nuclear Alien UFO from North Korea”

He retweets some amateur on-the-ground video footage. The background chatter has me laughing! “OMG. Go to Twitter!” “I don’t know how to use Twitter, I’m calling my Mom!”

Radio DJs even get on air and let everyone know that it was not an alien attack and not the beginning of nuclear war. It was a rocket!

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Santa Barbara at approximately 5:27PM. The rocket was carrying 10 satellites that all deployed successfully. The satellites will be a part of a constellation operated by Iridium Communications. This marks the 18th and final launch of the year.

What a wild ride, L.A.!

Tell me what you think in the comments – UFO Cover-Up or successful rocket launch for satellite deployment?

Watch a ground view video here – Encino, Ca

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