Human Feet Continue to Wash Ashore

Last week, a human foot washed onto the shore near Sooke, Canada. The foot was also still attached to its tibia and fibula, the bones of the lower leg. Despite this odd discovery, no one is panicking as this is actually a common occurrence in the area. The foot found last week marks the 13th human foot to wash ashore in British Columbia in the last 10 years. Human feet also commonly wash ashore in the state of Washington.

In general, feet appearing on the shores of the Pacific Northwest are nothing to be alarmed by.  Jack Ellison, a former reporter at NPR member station KPLU, once claimed, “There are likely hundreds of dead human bodies in the waters of the Northeast at any given time.”

Authorities are also encouraging people to stay calm if they come across a human foot. They are also asking that if you do happen to come across a foot washed onto the shore to call the authorities and let them take care of it, unlike the man who stumbled upon the most recent foot. He picked the foot up and carried it home before alerting the authorities (that personally would not have been my first move but hey, to each his own).

Local coroners are currently working to identify the foot. Out of the other 12 feet that have been discovered over the years, 8 of them have been identified. According to officials, foul play was not involved in any of the cases.

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Photo courtesy of Huffington Post Canada.


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