Surgeon Branded His Initials on Patients’ Livers During Surgery

A British surgeon has pleaded guilty to the assault of several patients after it was discovered that he had added an extra touch before closing his patients up after surgery.

Using a device called an argon beam coagulator, Simon Bramhall, 53, burned his initials into the livers of two separate patients while he was performing surgery on them. The device works by sealing blood vessels with an electric beam, but Bramhall apparently made other uses of it as well.

Though the argon beam coagulator does not typically cause any damage, one patient did not heal properly and the letters “SB” were discovered on his liver during a follow-up surgery performed by a different surgeon.

Bramhall’s response to the whole situation? “It was a bit raw.”

Bramhall is going to be sentenced on January 12. To read more, head over to

Photo courtesy of Reader’s Digest.

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